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Mobile Phone Chargers and Green Mobile Phone Use - Unpluggit and Reduce Your CO2 Emissions

Nowadays, with the impact of climate change and global warming becoming ever more apparent, consumers are both more aware and more active at taking steps to reduce their carbon foot print, reduce power consumption, and generally be more environmentally friendly.

You can hardly escape the dreaded standby feature, with people increasingly aware of the costs and energy consumption that goes with leaving the little red light on your television, DVD player, computer or other electrical appliances.

What many people are not aware of is the power that your mobile phone charger consumes, when it is not even charging your mobile phone. Just place your hand against the charger when it is plugged in and turned on (without your phone attached). You will notice that this is warm, this is because electricity is being used.

The amount of energy wasted in the UK alone from mobile phone chargers being left turned on is enough to power 33000 houses. Think about how much energy that is. A small step such as unplugging your mobile phone charger when it is not in use will make a big difference in terms of climate change and CO2 emissions.

Of course, it should not stop there. Think of all the other items left on permanent recharge, such as your iPod and MP3 players, digital cameras, laptop computers, all have a charger plug which is burning energy whilst you leave it plugged in and turned on. Basically, if you are not using something - turn it off, un plug it! Start doing your bit for the environment.

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