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Advanced Sales Apple iPhone Now Available

Officially Apple will launch its sales of iPhone on June 29, 2007 and they have already started their publicity. Of course Google is also announcing ahead of that release their new mobile computing device, with its own operating system and Google map features all in one cell-phone hand held system. Not to be outdone Blackberry is announcing new features and Samsung is opening new plants while Motorola is laying off 4,000 people. The entire industry is in flux.

Palm just got a huge cash infusion from Singer Bono's Private Equity Firm to keep up with its new Palm Foleo which few people have even heard of. What does all this mean for the mobile computer user? It means lots of choices and you must study all that is going on so you do not get stuck with an old cell-phone contraption piece of garbage on a two-year pre-signed up plan. So, be careful in what you buy and watch out for the hype, because when all the big boys come out to play there will be some pretty outrageous hoopla and marketing going on.

Expect movie stars and sports stars running around with various portable devices showing them off and lots of advertising dollars flowing as well. You will see endless stories in the media on these devices as the Mass Media or TV, newspapers, magazines, Internet and Radio court these companies with big advertising budgets. It is going to be a Personal Tech Gone Wild Free for All, wait and see!

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