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People from the various spheres of industry are realizing the benefits of state-of-the-art technology for staying connected on the move. Today in this high-tech world, computer market is getting bigger with demand of lighter and smaller laptops. When you go shopping for the best laptop in market, there are plenty of choices to make. For instance, there are wide range of models, brands, style, size, material and tagged price points. Laptops are considered as the choice of everyone; from busy executives to software professionals; college-going students to busy housewives. People from various spheres of industry are realising benefits of state-of-the-art technology for being connected on the move.

The portable laptops differ from PC desktop on basis of weight and peripherals. Usually portable laptop or notebook weighs about four to five pounds. Whereas bulkier laptops that have floppy drive or CD-ROMs weighs from six to seven pounds. Laptops are usually operated on a single battery and perform same jobs as that of computers. The basic components of portable notebook or laptops are similar like desktop computers. For instance portable notebook base is backed with built-in keyboard, touch pad or pointing stick act as an input device or for one's convenience external mouse can be plugged in. Laptops are small in size that can be easily carried on one's shoulder with effective power consumption.

While shopping for laptop, one should concentrate on the Micro Processor, RAM, Operating system, Input/Output ports, Hard disk drivers, Speakers and Sound cards to get updated version of the notebook. Besides that, touch screen feature is an outstanding in ultra-mobile PC or small laptops. Depending upon the size, portable notebook can be easily distinguished as Ultra-Mobile PC and Ultra Portable. Fast growing electronic market has wider choice of laptops from the well renowned manufactures! User can avail laptops from online shops or retailing sites at cheaper rates.

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