Latest Trends in Mobile Phones

People have been finding it difficult to carry a digital camera, a handy camera, an mp3 player and a mobile phone where ever they go. This has been well understood by the mobile phone manufactures.

In order to satisfy the customers and to attract more customers the first step taken in the development trend was the integration of the camera, video camera and mp3 in a mobile phone. Once this was done the next step was to develop these features. The latest features that are present in mobile phones are

Mp3 player the mobile phone plays mp3 songs with high clarity and greater bass effect and clarity

Blue tooth mobiles phones comes with an inbuilt blue tooth device, which is mainly used for data transfer between mobile phones.

3g this is a technology that is used to connect the mobile to the Internet and browse websites with a greater speed of connectivity.

Wifi wifi is a technology by means of which a mobile can be connected to any wireless network.

Touch screen no more keypads, every thing is getting converted to touch screen technology.

Video call video call feature is similar to the video chat that is performed using the camera of the mobile phones.

Gps and gprs global positioning system helps a person to locate himself on any part of this world. It ensures that a person does not get lost.

Flash light the flashlight that has been provided in the mobile helps a person to capture photos with greater clarity in dark places.

Integrated cam the latest camera resolution is 5-mega pixels, which is more than the basic digital camera and gives a great sense of clarity.

Cyber shot this is a special feature of a camera lens that is present in a mobile. The cyber shot is taking photos in motion.

Black berry a mobile phone that performs all operations as that of a computer and can be used to do office jobs while staying in home.

IR Infrared mainly used to transfer data similar to blue tooth.

The above features are the latest trends and features that are available in mobile phones and are constantly helping mobile phones in replacing computers.

Chetan is a gadgets fan and gets reviews of various Mobile Phones and also keeps track on all the latest mobiles and other mobile related accessories.