Is Satellite TV Disruptive Technology - You Be The Judge-

Don't be scared, the term doesn't mean the software you installed in order to watch satellite TV on your personal computer will destroy your system. No rather the term disruptive technology is an academic phrase that was coined by a Harvard professor.

In its original form according to professor Clayton Christensen, of the Harvard Business School, disruptive technology is the appropriate nomenclature to describe a technology that came out of the blues to consign an otherwise established one to the dustbin of history.

Okay you've heard the erudite professor, so what is your take on the issue? Can the software known as satellite for PC be safely regarded as disruptive technology?

Technically, it is not. But only if you look at it strictly from the perspective of the definition. In reality, the software satellite for PC is not a new technology, instead it is just an amalgam of the existing ones namely; satellite TV, the personal computer, and the World Wide Web.

In case you don't get the drift I will give some examples of disruptive technologies you can quickly identify.

Good old television is a classic example. Though it started in 1936 in England, it made a huge impact in the U.S and gave the then existing technology, Wireless Radio a deadly blow it never recovered from.

The next disruptive technology that appears on the scene was cable TV, but this one never really succeeded in pushing away its predecessor-television.

Satellite TV then made its entry a decade after cable television, and quickly pushed it aside. Though cable television service still managed to hang on despite stiff competition from satellite TV, many companies were forced to wind down their operations as a result of the direct competition.

Regarding the issue of whether satellite TV for PC is a disruptive technology or not, the decision is left for you to make but while you are at it you should take note of the fact that no new innovation is, or will be displaced by satellite TV for PC.

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